Welcome to the deep end...

...this is the message I got on Monday as I jumped in.

Monday was my birthday, another milestone day.  One that I have been dreading for weeks.  Not sure why this one is so hard to swallow.  

For weeks I have been feeling like the crocodile from Peter Pan...Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock.  The days just tick away.
Birthday's are interesting, there is a build up as the day gets closer adding to the excitement (or dread).  Then the alarm goes off on the "BIG" day and you wake up just like any other day.  The same person, nothing feels different.  If it wasn't for the wrinkles you see in the mirror you wouldn't know you were any older. It isn't until you mentally do the math in your head and realize that you're starting a new decade of your life.  60 is the new 30, right!?!
We need to not dwell on the years that have past, we should look forward to the years ahead of us, all the new adventures to be had, people to meet, life left to experience. So let's not get a…

Mothers Day!

A mother's love for her child is like nothing else in the world. It knows no law, no pity, it dates all things and crushes down remorselessly all that stands in its path. — AGATHA CHRISTIE As Mother's day comes and goes, I can't help but reflect on how blessed I have been to be given the children I have.  They are both such different individuals and have unique qualities that make them special in each of their own ways. In addition to the two that I gave birth to, we are gaining an additional son that is as special and unique as our own.  We couldn't be more pleased with Tori choice of a soul mate.  We love all three of them to the moon and back.

After a nice brunch, we headed off to hunt for waterfalls.  In my lifetime of leaving in Boise and the multiple trips to Utah since childhood, I have driven by this without ever stopping.  Malad Gorge was alway just a bridge that the freeway went over.  At 65mpd I always wondered what was down there, how did the people get the…

Wet Spring

With all the snow this winter, Boise is experiencing some flooding issues.  I've never remember this much water in the river.  Barber Park is under water.  Not sure we will be floating the river anytime soon.  And the rain continues....

Love you all ~~Mitzi

Finally used

Four years ago, we bought Dana a snow blower for Christmas.  He never took it out of the box.  Claimed that it would be too noisy for the neighbors at the time of the morning that he like to shovel, which is usually around 6:00am.  I could never figure out if he really did like to shovel the snow or if he just wasn't sure about putting it together.  I really should have had Home Depot do that for us.

In the fall, he decide to unpack it and see about putting it together.  He claimed that you need to have an engineering degree to put it together.  Well the heavy snow came and in the mist of both of us shoveling and not getting any where.  Paul, our neighbor, was out working on his driveway, so Dana told him if he helped him carry upstairs and got it going he could use it.  He was all for it.  They carried it up and by the time Dana got back from getting gasoline, Paul had it running.

Need I say Dana feel in love with the snow blower.  Did several of the neighbors driveways. He used…

All Done!

I don't think I ever shared the finished project.  It took 3 times longer than expected, but we didn't go over the budget. 😊
Finished early enough that we were able to really enjoy it during the snowmageddon of 2017.  I have fallen in love with my automatic garage door opener.  Now that it's getting warmer, we need to work on getting shelves and getting it organize.  We have gotten everything that was in the two bedrooms and most of what was stored on the porch back into the garage, but we still have quite a bit of stuff in the basement.

We are Loving it!!!  Who knew you could get so excited about a garage.

Love you all ~~Mitzi

New addition

In March we got a new addition to our family.  This little baby is what makes memories and we are so looking forward to using it to make them.
Tori and Chad went in with us to make this purchase.  After visiting every RV dealership in Boise, we settled on this Jayco Jay Feather from Bish RV.  We started looking last Sept and it took us so long to decide that the 2016 models were all sold out.  We were able to order 2017 at the 2016 price. Lucky us.  It took until March to get it to Boise, but that worked out great for us.  We didn't have to store it this winter.

Last weekend we camped in our driveway to test out all the features to make sure we knew how to do things and that everything worked before we took it out to the wilds.

Tori and Chad took it out this weekend to Mann's Creek.  From what I heard things went well, the only comment was that the main big bed was uncomfortable - "like a rock".  I'm sure that it was still better than sleeping on the ground.


Love is in the air

These two wonderful kids are GETTING MARRIED!!! Chad popped the question while they were in South Carolina at the Magnolia Gardens.  It took her by complete surprise.  He's been carrying the ring around since October waiting for the right opportunity. They are looking at July of 2018. We are soooooo excited.
Love you all ~~Mitzi